Dark Matter Sciences

Rely on DarkMatter to Prevent InjuryWhat is DarkMatter?

According to modern science, dark matter is a mysterious substance that cannot be seen directly—but we know exists because of its effects on objects that we can see.

Designed to integrate into everything from everyday products to industry-specific scenarios, DarkMatter Sciences measurably improves protection, performance, and comfort.

When ballistic armor stops a penetrating event, the resulting kinetic energy transfer and back face deformation (BFD) can still cause organ damage, broken bones, severe bruising, and other complex traumas.

DarkMatter introduces their Energy Dispersal Pads, which minimize the felt force of impacts to ballistic armor by dispersing the transferred kinetic energy. Mitigating injury for law enforcement, first responders, and warfighters was just the first of many potential applications of their next-gen technology.

Dark Matter Sciences

High-Threat Energy Dispersal Pad - 10x12 The DarkMatter Difference DARKMATTER Energy Dispersal Pads address three critical issues encountered with body-worn armor...