Buffalo Armory

Our Passion Is Your Protection.

In terms of first responder and civilian safety, the most important part of any active shooter scenario is the police officer, fireman, or EMS arriving both prepared and protected. The first officer on the scene must go into action immediately to eliminate the threat to protect and save lives. Standard issue soft body armor is a smart and necessary investment, but it will not protect an officer from an active shooter with an AR-15 or AK-47.

Without hesitation, brave men and women continue to answer the call to protect and serve. But who can they count on to protect and serve them in return?
Buffalo Armory.

We do more than just produce our very own armor. We’re also passionate advocates for what will serve Police, Fire, and EMS personnel best in the field. That commitment also means our armor is tested by an independent 3rd party, ensuring our warranty will always stand between them and an emergency. Because having the right kind of armor, means the difference between uncertainty and knowing they are prepared.

Buffalo Armory

Buffalo Armory 647 NIJ III (Rated III+) Steel Plate Unless in stock, this plate will average a 4-week...
The Game Changer Level III+ Steel Plate 10"x12", Single Curve, Shooters Cut Offering protection and peace of mind, the...