US Armor Enforcer 5000 Series, Level II w/ HVC Carrier

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Please note: there is currently a 14 to 18 week lead time on all US Armor products.

Additional Note: Currently, US Armor is experiencing stock issues with the 5000 Model. Orders are possible, but we cannot provide an accurate ETA due to the temporary material shortage.
For now, BAO recommends the Enforcer 6000 model instead.

Enforcer 5000 Series - Level II

The Enforcer 5000 is our advanced .06 hybrid design combining Honeywell's Gold Flex®, Spectra Shield® II fabric and DuPont's™ proven Kevlar® XP. The end result is the lightest, thinnest and most flexible NIJ .06 Certified vest that has been created to date. You will feel the difference!

Standard Features:

  • 6-point elastic/VELCRO® closure system
  • Removable strap system
  • 6" x 8" Soft Ballistic Trauma Plate
  • Shirt Tails
Aerial Density
  • 0.85 lbs/sq/ft (13.6 oz./sq. ft.) - Male II
  • Thickness: 0.19 In
Ballistic Capabilities
  • 9mm (124 gr FMJ RN) - 1761 fps / 536.75 mps
  • .357 Magnum (158 gr JSP) - 1617 fps / 492.86 mps
Optional Features (Not Included)

The Enforcer 5000 is a ballistic panel only; this package comes with the HVC Carrier.

HVC Carrier Options:
  • HVC Standard Concealable Carrier
  • HVC Concealable Carrier with Outlast® Technology
US Armor Standard
Sizing for Vests
Small Short 18x11.5 14.5x13.5
Small Regular 18x12.5 14.5x14.5
Small Long 18x13.5 14.5x15.5
Medium Short 19x12 17.5x14.5
Medium Regular 19x13 17.5x15.5
Medium Long 19x14 17.5x16.5
Large Short 19.5x13 19.5x15
Large Regular 19.5x14 19.5x16
Large Long 19.5x15 19.5x17
X-Large Short 20x13 22x15
X-Large Regular 20x14 22x16
X-Large Long 20x15 22x17
2X-Large Short 21x13.5 25x15.5
2X-Large Regular 21x14.5 25x16.5
2X-Large Long 21x15.5 25x17.5
3X-Large Short 22x14 27.5x16.5
3X-Large Regular 22x15 27.5x17.5
3X-Large Long 22x16 27.5x18.5

Outlast® Technology

A new, innovative technology just released from U.S. Armor in 2015 is the Outlast® Outer Carrier. Outlast® is a heat-managing fabric originally designed for NASA to regulate the body temperatures of astronauts' suits. Now, this Certified Space Technology™ has been made available and U.S. Armor Corporation has incorporated its unique phase-changing material into their concealable body armor carriers. The positive response from law enforcement testing this new technology has indeed been remarkable. Officers nationwide have been praising the curious cool feeling that comes across during times of increased temperatures and stress along with the reduction in fatigue and increased quality of life that this new carrier produces in the line of duty.


  • Thermocules™ can be incorporated into fabrics and fibers and have the capacity to absorb, store and release excess heat
  • Thermocules™ pro-actively manage heat while controlling the production of moisture before it begins
  • As the skin gets hot, the heat is absorbed, and as it cools, that heat is released
  • Thermocules™ regulate the skin’s microclimate