Fox Labs Mean Green - 0.5 oz. Staining Pepper Spray w/ Key Ring

Fox Labs Mean Green - 0.5 oz. Staining Pepper Spray w/ Key Ring

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Note: these units are now black with a white label.

Mean Green Staining Pepper Spray with Key Ring, 1/2 oz

We call this Mean Green® the "pain and stain model" because it uses a stronger pepper than almost any other keychain pepper spray ever manufactured, and a semi-permanent green staining dye has also been added to it. You spray someone in the face with this, and they're going to look like a famous green cartoon character for a long time.


  • Model: 156MGK
  • 3-15/16” High x 7/8” Diameter
  • Discharges up to 10 one-half second bursts
  • Splatter Stream spray pattern reaches up to 10 feet
  • Visible staining green dye for immediate suspect identification
  • Nonflammable & Taser safe
  • Clear Mean Green® holder sleeve with key ring
  • The thumb trigger glows in the dark (after exposure to light for charging)
  • Fox Labs pepper spray is proudly Made in the USA

The pepper extract Fox Labs uses in Mean Green® is so purified it is virtually clear before they add the marking dye. Not even Fox Labs’ 5.3 million SHU resin used in their famous FIVE POINT THREE® formulas are as pure of pepper.
Because it is so clear, this enabled them to add a staining green dye to the formula.

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