D3O TRUST Stratus Helmet Pad System

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TRUST Stratus Helmet Pad System

  • TRUST Stratus™ 8-pad system
  • TRUST Stratus™ 10-pad system

Designed for high performance and comfort, TRUST Stratus™ is the latest, most advanced commercial helmet pad system from Delta Three Oscar. 

Drawing inspiration from our solutions for the United States Army, TRUST Stratus™ utilizes the full potential of D3O’s rate sensitive properties to simultaneously meet impact performance requirements at 10 and 14 feet per second.

TRUST Stratus™ is a one-size-fits-all helmet pad system that surpasses the required level of protection of the Advanced Combat Helmet standard (AR/PD 10-02) in both polyethylene and aramid shells. It is an off-the-shelf performance-enhancing accessory which can be integrated as an 8-pad or 10-pad system within most infantry combat helmets.


  • Uses patent pending D3O®technology
  • Excellent blunt impact performance at both 10- and 14ft/s impact velocities
  • Performance stability across multiple impacts and temperatures
  • Integrated Comfort Liner for each pad
  • Head-side fabrics offer anti-microbial treatment and superior moisture-wicking properties
  • Available as an 8-pad (with crown) or 10-pad system (no crown)
  • Meets SPS hook and loop adhesion requirements, providing strong adhesion into the helmet shell and easy removal when required
  • Pressure management at high altitude, avoiding pressure points
  • Berry Amendment compliant 
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